2020 Dates and Fees


Practical and ARSM

Practical exams (session one)

Entry period: 31 January - 14 February 2020

All instruments and grades

Switzerland May-June

Practical exams (session two)

Entry period: **Session Cancelled**

All instruments and grades

Switzerland **Session Cancelled**

Practical exam fees

Prep Test 99 CHF
Initial Grade (Bowed Strings only) 125 CHF
Grade 1 139 CHF
Grade 2 149 CHF
Grade 3 155 CHF
Grade 4 167 CHF
Grade 5 170 CHF
Grade 6 204 CHF
Grade 7 235 CHF
Grade 8 275 CHF
Performance Assessment 170 CHF
Ensemble: Primary 235 CHF
Ensemble: Intermediate 275 CHF
Ensemble: Advanced 388 CHF

Music Theory

Music Theory exams (session one)

Entry period: 03-17 January 2020

Exam dates

Switzerland Wednesday 04 March

Music Theory exams (session two)

Entry period: 03-17 April 2020

Exam date

Switzerland Saturday 13 June

Music Theory exams (session three)

Entry period: 28 August - 11 September 2020

Exam date

Switzerland Tuesday 10 November

Music Theory fees

Grade 1 73 CHF
Grade 2 75 CHF
Grade 3 76 CHF
Grade 4 88 CHF
Grade 5 91 CHF
Grade 6 112 CHF
Grade 7 117 CHF
Grade 8 119 CHF


Translations of Theory papers are available on request. Please enter a T in the ‘Specific needs’ box for each candidate who requires a translation.


Other diplomas*

Diploma exams (session one)

Entry period: 31 January - 14 February 2020

Exam date

Switzerland May-June

Diploma fees

LRSM ** 1,467 CHF**
FRSM 2,141 CHF
Retake fee: DipABRSM 379 CHF
Retake fee: LRSM 1,174 CHF
Retake fee: FRSM 1,713 CHF


* ARSM exams will take place during Practical exam periods (as of January 2017) - see the first tab for details of fees.

** LRSM Teaching fees are payable in two instalments. 40% must be paid on submission of the Case Study Portfolio & Video of Teaching Practice. The balance is payable when entering for the remaining sections of the exam.

Payment details

All fees are payable in advance and must be forwarded with the entry forms or transferred to the following bank account:

Credit Suisse, 6301 Zug
a/c David Smith, Royal Schools of Music
No. 694293-61
Clearing Number 4823
Postal a/c 30-3200-1
Payments from abroad SWIFTCODE:
IBAN: CH4404835069429361000

Please ensure that you send two identical copies of the entry form to your Representative.


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